The Kitchen + Placebo Project

Dunne & Raby’s Placebo project is an experiment that negotiates between people’s experiences with and attitudes to electronic objects. The Placebo’s eight pieces of “furniture” are designed to be familiar and simple in their ordinary capacity to illicit common responses from users. The focus here is not about the objects themselves but on the stories and narratives that tie the electromagnetic fields to the inhabitants of a space.

Compass table: EM fields given off by electronic devices placed on the table’s surface cause the compass needles to twitch and spin.


Electro-draught excluder: Strategic positioning of this device helps deflect stray electromagnetic fields.

Electricity drain: By sitting naked on a stool, accumulated electricity drains from the body into the chair then out of the house through the earth pin of a special plug.

GPS table: The table has a small display set in its surface witch either shows the word "lost" or its co-ordinates. It should be positioned by a clean window with a clear view of the sky.

Nipple Chair: Nodules embedded in the back of the chair vibrate when radiation passes through the sitter's upper body reminding them that electronic products extend beyond their visible limits.

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