Bartlett + Plymouth + AHO = Workshop 02.09

The entire Murray group left for Plymouth a week ago to participate in a data visualization workshop. Architecture students mixed with othe architecture students from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Plymouth Digital Arts and Tech students. With two tools at our disposal, immersive theatre and an LED screen, I chose the immersive theatre. Our task was to translate data taken from a campus building into an easy to read visual, that would reflect back on the building's spatial relationships. An initial meeting delivered the task to a. work together to propose an initial idea and b. for each of our individual interests to be active in the project. After a few ideas were tossed around we decided to attack all the data by placing it into a spatial heirarchy.
The data visualization began to take shape literally from this heirarchy. We wanted to make it interactive, so any user looking at the website's live data feed could understand the visualization, via an attached widget. With the extraordinary talents of our Plymouth DAT programmer! we devised a series of "russian dolls" first the building encompassed the three atriums which in turn held the lecture rooms. Each "doll" or globe would have a skin that reflected the appropriate data. So with changes in temperature it would pulse or change color. 
Below are pictures of our first try combining the data and visual and then to the right is the final product. The skins of each globe were also papered with jpgs taken from each space.

This is my masters project show on the immersive dome.

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