Last week I began testing out the AR plug-in for Sketchup, and luckily the problem was in the way I was saving the jpg. Sketchup does not view jpgs with transparency so after a few modifications I finally had a transparent image in the AR viewfinder. I staggered the split landscape and can now project the cliff into Augmented Reality through the webcam and into my computer. So far the plug-in has a few limitations: as the pieces line up they need to be progressively enlarged to provide a faithful image, and it is limited in its 3dimensionality. As a feedback system this could be used with a more sophisticated system to have an environment altered by certain amounts of data. Say, placed in a room, the projected environment could morph positively or negatively depending on sound level, number of people, their movement through space. So the more people were in the room, the landscape would flourish, if it was a dead zone, the landscape would decay.

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