Applying AR and HT to space

Working with Augmented Reality (AR) and Head Tracking (HT) has rooted the project in its dependency upon the image. Rather than accept the image as being a single superficial representation. AR + HT allow a composite reading of space via multiple images. Readings of inaccessible spaces  are possible via HT; you control the depth of perceived space and the cone of vision, to peer around, up and above. Augmented Reality presents a different system by referencing the virtual back into the actual world. The same spatial applications can be applied, by seeing inaccessible spaces simply through an overlay.

Inside floors and walls are spaces that do not existe in everyday conciousness. These inacessable depths hold the building's organs and seem mysterious only when it comes time to repair damages. By measuring light with composite images a perception of depth and obstruction is formed. HT places the collective in an environment where we the viewer can look inside walls and under floors.

Under the Floorboards

Moving Up the Wall

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