Three Guests Change their Clothes

swamp: the important aspect was to show the above & below of the swamp environment. The two point persp. allows a magnification which is offset by the large Banyan trees which stress a vertical growth towards their roots. Banyan trees as organisms are fascinating, they double back and shoot roots to the ground, there is great potential for manipulation as shelter. *Oppressing trees is trendy in Architecture schools.

cliff: a redrawing of the first cliff idea. Continuing with the focus on verticality and sheer drop of the ice floes [inuit relocating to cliff faces bypassing the melting glaciers], playing with the possibility of either hanging structures or actually interfering withthe volume of the cliff by digging perpendicularly.

forest: splicing the view of the forest into canopy and roots. The canopy is a mode of filtration and shelter. A heirarchy existing between a macro and micro scale. The leave is a cyclic filtration at the micro scale while the trees form a collective macro filtration system. Playing around with the Fibbonacci sequence which is found in nature, is the growth of trees truly random or is there a pattern governed by reason. With the opposite view the roots and bark offer a layering of systems. From the tree's own bark as a layering over time to the idea of tree rot. A diseased tree will expose its innards while leaving the bark caseing. The Human Pappilo Virus may present itself as a growth of roots on a human's hands and feet. The virus hijacks the immune system and orders skin to grow gnarly and root like.

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wei.tze said...

Hi Camila,
thanks for the massage,
that one was modeled from rhino and rendered in 3dmax, I'm not good at Rhino but I used to use max before. But I found a large majority of people using Rhino here.